For years and years common knowledge has been that summertime is “real estate sales time.” I’m here to tell you that, while summer certainly is a busy season for property sales, it’s NOT the only option!

Selling your home during the holidays has lots of advantages over the traditional summertime routine. Let’s take a look at why that is.

First, WHY you should list your home during the holidays:

1. Less Competition: As the autumn leaves start to brown and the winter wind chills down the neighborhood, many home sellers decide to take a break from the market in order to focus on holidays and vacations. Some decide to use the downtime to make minor repairs or face lifts.

What does this mean for those who list during the holidays? There is a LOT less competition! In the summer, there might have been 20 different properties on the market for a buyer to choose from. Now, there are only 5 or 6. And YOURS is one of them!

new home

2. Motivated Buyers: Most people aren’t going to be focused on the real estate market during the holidays (which is why a lot of sellers give up during the season), but those who ARE interested in the market during this time tend to be less Lookie-Loo and more serious buyers.

International buyers who may not celebrate the same holidays as Americans, employees who are relocating to an area for a new job starting in the new year, or people looking to cash in on the tax incentives of moving before the end of the year are all among potential buyers during the holiday season.

3. Everything Looks Pretty: The halls are decked and the house is cleaned and show ready already! Your neighborhood will be all decorated, too, which will help the whole area seem cozy and enchanting.

Christmas Tree At Home

4. People are Happier: People tend to be in a more favorable mood during the holidays and are less picky about the tiny details they might pay more attention to at other times of the year. This may help translate a sale into a less stressful transaction!

Next, here’s HOW you should sell your home during the holidays:

1. Start with videos and online tours: People can look from the comfort of their home! Weather might be iffy and many people have vacation plans, but most buyers will generally have more downtime during the holidays and can take time to look online. Even if they don’t want to buy until spring or summer, they can get a preview of your home from the comfort of theirs.


2. When looking for potential buyers, target people on a deadline: For some, January looming in the distance will provide an extra oomph to get them looking for homes. Help them find you! Talk to your Realtor about reaching out to potential buyers/investors looking for tax incentives, recent college grads or new college students moving to your area, and people moving for jobs (such as military or federal contractors).

3. Make it cozy and bright: During showings, play classical music, light the fire, and deck the halls. Don’t go overboard, though. As HGTV points out, “You want to romance your buyer, not invite them to your Christmas party.” Indeed.


4. Try an Open House with a twist: Finally, why not combine a traditional open house with a neighborhood-wide food drive? You’ll increase traffic through your neighborhood and your home, and you are bound to find someone who would be the perfect fit for your home.

Holiday season, spring time, summer and fall – If you have real estate to sell or buy, I’m always in the market to help. I’ve got stats and info on all 1,300+ listings in the Eastern NC area. Call Kathy Richey at 252.474.6469 or for more information!